While Achieve Life Balance utilizes widely accepted and statistically proven research and tools, you’ll find insight that can not be found anywhere else. Life-changing tools that will instantly improve how you view parenting, actions and values forever.  Every individual, every family and every child is unique. Achieve Life Balance is specifically designed to help each family recognize, understand and develop personalized tools to support the entire family on your terms. Exclusive, Life-Changing and Impactful.



The insight and tools provided by Achieve Life Balance have been years in the making. Initially a 12-hour court-certification parenting workshop, this program has been carefully formatted  (and tested) to provide the most essential information in bite-size pieces.  Short, but powerful videos, fit busy lifestyles, with few inconveniences.  Personal worksheets ensure you’re developing ways to implement these tools to fit your needs.





Achieve Life Balance’s workshops start with research, but that’s just the beginning. As noted above, worksheets and exercises are also designed to help you understand the specifics that address your core issues: who, what, where, why and how to make valuable and sustainable changes. And the insights and tools are consistently tested in real situations (in homes, during supervised visits, in personalized workshops, school classrooms and educational workshops.



Each lesson is designed to provide real support and guidance, with full variance to incorporate your unique situation, needs, resources, core values, and even personalities.

Achieve Life Balance doesn’t stop there, direct support is always available. From simple chats (texts, Messenger, email) to virtual follow-ups (phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom), even face-to-face, you have access to the support you need, when you need it.