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1. Please enter age range (for demographic purposes):
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3. What are your biggest stressors?  Mark all that apply
4. How do you manage these stressors? (Check all that apply)
5. Do you have at least (1) one adult you feel you can count on or go to in an emergency? (click any that apply)
6. What traits would you personally appreciate in a supportive adult/mentor? (mark all that apply or add your own).
7. What does respect mean to you? (mark all that apply)
8. Name (1) thing that makes you unique: (example: a character trait, skill, hobby, passion, etc.)
9. Optional: What do you wish adults (parents, teachers, etc.) were more aware of when it comes to you or your generation?
10. Optional: If you could address (1) social, community or world issue, what would it be?