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You Are Never Alone!  

Although everyone’s specific journey is unique, underneath the layers, we are all very much the same.  We have good days and bad.  Happy moments that excite us, and negative emotions: fears, frustrations, even anger that allow seeds of doubt to seep in.

Sometimes the best support comes from sharing, knowing we are not alone. Achieve Life Balance recognizes the incredible value of small group connections, a non-judgmental, peer-support system, others just like you.

Each social chat peer group is limited to 4 – 5 participants at a time.  Chats are weekly, leaving plenty of time in between to put what you’ve learned into practice, while providing assurance that you’ll enjoy consistent weekly you-time to share, gain support and grow.

Last, but hardly least, you’ll get coaching support from Susan: valuable insight, tools and techniques to support the topic of the week.

Weekly Peer Support & Coaching Social Chats are convenient:

  • approximately 45 minutes each week in a virtual setting (Skype)
  • connect face-to-face, without ever leaving home
  • comfortable group size (4 to 5 participants)
  • four weekly sessions (approximately a month of weekly coaching)
  • and if you love it–continue to join us for as many chats as you’d like.
  • you and your peers are invited to suggest the topics that will serve you the most
  • professional coaching & support included

Have specific friends you’d like to join you?  Referrals (both you and your friend) are eligible for a discount for each new referral.