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Pre Coaching Questionnaire.

For the best results, be sure to fill out this questionnaire before each session.

Check off any specific/additional topics you may be interested in.
We talked about a few topics you would both like to work on. Use this form to confirm or add any other topics.  We can address them as needed together or separately depending on your specific needs. Or you can use the list for your personal insight into areas you may want to provide personal attention to with or without coaching.  (Check all that apply)
Create a quick list of problems you are having as a couple.
Try to be kind to one another and yourselves.  No need to get too specific.  We will work out the details later. The goal is to provide general information so we don't miss the big stuff that will help you move forward together.
Create a quick list of what you believe is keeping you from reaching success.
Check off any that apply. Again, try to be kind to each other (and fair).  Here is a quick list for simplicity. Feel free to add your own.  To get the most from this question, consider if you participate in any of the actions/behaviors below.
What are specific goals (thougths, behaviors, actions) that YOU want to change in yourself?
What might hold you back from reaching these PERSONAL goals?
This may be a tough question to answer. No need to go into detail. A quick list will do.  We will dig into this question deeper as needed.
Are you open to new ideas, concepts, actions, compromise and general shifts towards new practices?
This question is basically to confirm your commitment to a more open mindset.   Honestly, you will learn quickly, that the greatest opportunities for a better situation will come from your commitment to change yourself, NOT from a committment for the other person to change.  If you are concerned about this, feel free to use the comment box to ask questions or ask for more information.
Are you willing and ready for change?
Be as honest as you can.  These questions are designed to support your personal journey. Change can be a very uncomfortable process.  Not everyone is ready, open or willing to change their thoughts, actions or situation at every given moment.  The goal of this question, is to allow yourself the opportunity to truly consider how open you are to new procesess and ideals.  If you're truly not ready, the goals of your personal coaching journey would shift.  If you answer no or you're not sure, it may be beneficial to look deeper into this question.  Again, please be honest.  There is no wrong answer. You are not being judged (I promise!).
If you did not answer "yes" to change, please take a moment to answer why you responded this way.
If you answered you are not sure if you're ready for change, or if you discovered you are not ready, it's time to look deeper.  Again, there are no wrong answers. This is for your personal support.  You may find the question difficult to answer.  Do your best or take some time to think about it.   Or you may find it as basic as "you fear the unknown".    Here are some common and legitimate examples/responses:   fear, anger, sadness, simply not ready, strong values, stubbornness (yes, sometimes we can all be flat out stubborn!).   You can make a simple list or elaborate.  You may want to reflect/refer back to this list from time to time as you move through the program.

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