This has been a difficult year. It’s summertime, but many parents’ heads are still “in school”.  Education is changing. We know why, but we don’t really know the hows or whats. Our educators don’t know either. Yes, everyone is doing their best to make the right decisions and offer the safest programming with the least amount of disruptions, but no one really KNOWS anything. Just as frustrating, the clock is ticking. August is on our heels. More importantly, we~as parents are expected to make major decisions regarding our children’s education without all the facts, without all the necessary planning in place, and with plenty at stake.

Here’s the good news. Panic and fear will not support your or your children in any way. Pre-planning will. Yes, even with limited knowledge.
With that in mind, I’ve taken the time to research as much as I could to provide a GENERAL outlook of the decisions and opportunities ahead. Specifics don’t exist in the world of an unknown global pandemic.  I’ve also provided a list of questions that may help you determine the best path for your family. This information will not provide the same support for every family.  It will not provide specifics. Hopefully, it offers a starting point for many of you.

In general, there are three main categories to consider:

  1. TRADITIONAL IN-CLASS LEARNING with COVID restrictions in place based on state requirements and local phases.

Within these three options, you’ll have additional variations. Each local school district is rolling out an individual plan. School-of-choice, if still optional, may give you even more possibilities. Some public schools are modifying the traditional in-classroom program, some are “blending” online learning with in-classroom learning to reduce daily attendance.   Other schools are adding a secondary, 100% virtual option.

Homeschool programs also vary significantly.

Some pages do contain the same information. This was designed to allow families to navigate the information in the format that fits their needs best.

Please follow the links for the information that supports you best.