Life Is  A Journey 

Today’s world is like nothing ever seen in history. Our ability to gather news, reach all ends of the earth, and connect with others without leaving the house is incredible.  And all of this insight reaches us in seconds. We are a society of instant knowledge, gratification and demands. While there’s certainly convenience in these powerful connections, there’s also tremendous stress related to constantly being “on”.  The number of obligations we face today is truly incredible.

Stop Trying to Do It All
You probably didn’t need surveys or statistics to tell you what you already know; balancing everything is tough. No matter how hard you try, you aren’t perfect. Trying to be everything, to everyone at all times is not only impossible, but exhausting. Thus, the first step in finding your balance isn’t learning how to manage everything, but rather determining what must be managed.

Your Needs
It’s tempting, but do not neglect yourself in the equation.  Your body is a living machine.  If you fail to nurture your physical and emotional needs, including getting plenty of rest and rejuvenation, you will reduce your ability to manage your emotions, make effective decisions and problem solve.  You may never notice your sluggish response because you’re too busy putting in the extra effort required to handle your day.