Parenting Survey: Insight from Real Parents!

Thank you for participating in this survey.

As a Family Life Educator, it’s essential to provide information, resources and programming that meets the needs of families, individual family members and the communities we reside in. Your input is key to understanding both family and individual needs.

Ask questions, share your experiences and ideas, and let’s grow together!



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1. What are your  most common parenting  issues ? (Check all that apply)
2. Feel free to add relevant background information.  (If parenting related, please include # of children, gender & age)
3. What are your most common personal issues ? (Check all that apply)
4. Feel free to elaborate here (specific concerns or question, additional issues or topics of interest, etc):
5. What would offer the greatest support (check all that apply):
6. Do you have suggestions or tips you’d like to share?