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The Beautiful Teen (& PreTeen) Years

Teens need us just as much as toddler; the relationship dynamics are just different.  Teens are in that awkward stage of gaining independence (a must) while their life remains controlled by adults. Add peer pressure, social media, pressure to succeed in school and acquire the necessary skills to become an adult, fluctuating hormones, relationships ups-and-downs, and so much more!

Despite the typical teen’s potential to push mom and dad away; this age group wants affection, quality time and parental guidance more than ever.  Learning to communicate and interact with a teen, even when they don’t want you to, can truly make a difference in your child’s world—and yours.

While you’re not able to go back to a time when you directed the majority of your children’s daily actions, there are often steps you can take to create a new bond that may provide your child with the guidance and support he/she needs to make significant life changes and find a healthier path.


• Understand your teen’s behavior
• Help your teen better understand himself/herself
• Build new connections & improve your relationship
• Increase communication on their terms (So they’ll actually listen)
• Increase communication on their terms (So they’ll come to you in times of need)
• Gain mutual respect
• Increase cooperation & behavior
• Help your child build self-esteem & reduce peer pressure
• Prepare your teen for independence & success
• Lessons are compact, Yet extremely thorough in content

Life Coaching is the process of helping clients identify and achieve positive results. Life coaching works on the premise that individuals are capable of generating solutions that match their needs best. A well-trained coach can successfully guide clients through the thought process helping them dismiss negative ideals and patterns while highlighting personal strengths. Coaching encourages actions, accountability and follow-through.  Although coaching utilizes research-based insight and tools to support growth and success, it is not counseling, mentoring or consulting.

The Teen Years Move Fast. Don’t Let Time Run Out. Change Your Relationship Now!
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