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Parenting On the Same Page 

Parents don’t always agree. Along with money and sex, parenting is one of the top ten reasons spouses argue. It makes sense. We weren’t raised in the same household. Each one of us brings our childhood experiences into the parenting arena. We have our own opinions, values and ideals of what parenting should look like—and because we’re passionate about our children, we’re less likely to yield to differing viewpoints.

Raising children provides enough tension without the added weight of a parental disagreement. When spouses have styles that are at odds with one another the frustration can be damaging to the marriage (and children) over time.

“The most significant relationship and the one children observe the most, is how their parents get along with one another.”

This is true for married parents, as well as co-parents residing in different households.


• Understand the various parenting styles
• Determine your parenting style
• Determine your spouse’s style
• Understand the most effective parenting style & become more aligned with the techniques
• Determine the needs of your household ensuring your values, expectations & goals for your home are maximized
• Personalized for your unique situation
• Designed for busy parents (No sitter needed, No appointments needed)
• Lessons are compact, yet extremely thorough in content

Life Coaching is the process of helping clients identify and achieve positive results. Life coaching works on the premise that individuals are capable of generating solutions that match their needs best. A well-trained coach can successfully guide clients through the thought process helping them dismiss negative ideals and patterns while highlighting personal strengths. Coaching encourages actions, accountability and follow-through.  Although coaching utilizes research-based insight and tools to support growth and success, it is not counseling, mentoring or consulting.

Your Kids Are Counting on the Two Of You!
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