Setting Technology Limits That Stick:

 10 Parental Musts:

  • Set Limits
  • Monitor access, activity and behavior
  • ENFORCE limits- Be the Bad Guy!
  • Model Healthy Usage
  • Join Them
  • Communicate/Collaborate
  • Teach Digital Citizenship (Online safety, behavior and etiquette)
  • Find Real Life Balance
  • Be An Advocate for Change
  • Create Agreements

Setting Limits/Monitoring Options:
Block websites:
Turn on SafeSearch
Block websites and filter/limit content:
Use parental controls built into the devices operating system:
Available for Microsoft, Apple and Amazon (Fire) devices
1) Make sure you’re using the most updated version of the operating system
2) You just user has to log in
3)Settings//options vary by system
Black websites, filter, company use time limits, see what kids are doing:
Qustodio, NetNanny
Monitoring phones:
Bark, KidBridge, Webwatcher, Monitors text messages, social networks, emails. Some notify you when alert words are used. You will need social media account information and passwords.
FindMyFriends and FamiSafe.
Turn off WiFi through carriers such as Verizon or Comcast’s xfinity
iPhone, iPad-screen time (under settings)
Set down time, limit screen time on specific applications and sites, allow apps even during downtime, limit websites and content access, observe what your child is using during device time, but not how they’re using it. Screen time can also block downloading applications, changing passwords, and using credit cards.
Androids vary by device.
Consider android digital well-being settings built into all latest versions of the OS. Supports children’s self-regulation. For children under 13 you can use Google’s family link to track and control online activities
Specific App Support:
Check age limitations
Usage ratings – such as mature or violent content
Check reviews from users – Does the app do what it says it will do
Before downloading – check Tterms and Conditions, see what access you’re actually providing.
Once downloaded – check Privacy Policy, settings and restrictions. Set the restrictions. And check regularly.
Make sure you have your children’s password and do not allow the password to be changed, or shared.

Family Tech Use Agreements:
Choose the family agreement that works best for You.

AAP: Creating a personalized family agreement that works.

Wait Until 8th grade:

Common Sense:

Family Media Agreement

Be the Change-Ensuring Limits Stick With Community Support

  • Be the Bad Guy, Be A Tech Free Zone, Create Agreements
  • Share Information with Other Parents
  • Ask Other Parents Questions/Create Pacts with Parents
  • Encourage & Support Educators
  • Push for Change-Locally, Nationally
  • Model & Encourage Healthy Habits
  • Create New Opportunities & Traditions

Additional Resources:

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National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
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