Personal Support with a Live Family Educator & Parenting Specialist

Immediate Support-You’ll Get Your First Tools Before the Course Even Starts


Learn how you personally react to stress

Choose the best calming tools to match your needs

Results are often instantaneous

Build on those results for long-term success

Share what you learn with your entire family




Are You On Overload?

Tired of all the challenges you’ve had to face this year?

Feel like you’ve been stretched thin?
Are your family members showing signs of stress or anxiety?

Our Kids Are Taking Cues From Us!

If you’re stressed, they will be too.

Taking care of ourselves is essential if we want to take care of our loved ones.  But when we’re on overload, we don’t stop! In fact, we add more, and more to our list, hoping to catch up. This is the exact opposite of what will help you, and your family, take back control.

The first steps are incredibly simple and easy to implement! You already have the tools, you just need the insight on how to implement them.




CFLE, Life Coach, Published Author

Susan Graham

Susan is an international life coach and Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). Personalized programs are designed to promote confidence, support emotional balance, build stress resilience, improve relationships, overcome adversity and change, and support healthy and balanced living.


“Thank you so much, Susan. You have benefited my family more than you could ever know.”

“I appreciate all that you have done for me. I could not have found a better ‘teacher’.” 

“Thank you so much Susan. You are such a blessing to us.” 

“The changes that we made this week have already made a huge difference.” 

“Everybody should be taught these skills. I think it would change the world! Your class has been worth every penny.”

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