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Consistent Modules Based on Verifiable, Evidence-Based Authoritative Principles:

Essential Parenting Plus consists of 7 evidence-based modules (13 lessons, 17 units) including personal responsibility and self-control; stress management, reduction and resilience; positive parenting techniques and modeling; effective behavior management and discipline; choosing the right consequences; setting boundaries, rules and routines; and more.  View Curriculum Here.

Targeted Support:
As a private course, parents can receive additional support on Essential Parenting Plus module topics where skills are insufficient (ex. personal responsibility, healthy modeling, behavior management). This increases the likelihood parents will complete the course with the necessary skills and confidence to approach parenting on a healthier level. Targeted support can be requested by a judge, social worker, CPS overseer, etc. On the same level, targeted support can be eliminated if the court does not want any variations to the module schedule.

Private One-on-One (or Couple) Sessions:
Private sessions increase active and honest participation.

Convenient Direct-Contact Virtual Sessions:
Sessions are conducted virtually with direct one-on-one communication allowing for more convenient scheduling from home (or anywhere).  Often the first course can be scheduled within a week of the initial request, and can often be scheduled to meet the parent’s work schedule reducing the potential of lost income.  This is not an online course.

Why virtual? Virtual connections enable parents with disabilities, transportation issues, young children, limited resources or long work hours to attend.  In addition, virtual programming allows parents to complete their court-order program without risking exposure to the coronavirus.

High Expectations:
Parents are required to attend consistently, on-time and prepared. Full participation is required and monitored during every session. In addition to the one-on-one sessions, parents are required to complete independent course work (worksheets) that reflect where parents need support and how they’ll implement the parenting tools at home.  These in-depth worksheets must be completed by the parent before each session. These worksheets are used during the session.

Weekly Reports Upon Request:
Need regular updates?  Weekly?  Written or phone updates?  Just let me know and we’ll add reports to the schedule.

Certificate of Completion:
Provided upon completion of the program if all requirements are met.

Length of Course:
Varies slightly based on the client’s progress.
*If targeted support is waived, the modules run on a strict schedule.

Average # of weeks:  5

Average # of session hours: 5 hours of one-on-one; plus 3 hours for independent worksheets

Average total # of hours: 8 hours


Instructor and Workshop Creator:

Susan Graham (CFLE), Certified Family Life Educator



Please contact Susan Graham at (248) 762-1081.


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