13 students


• Understand the various parenting styles
• Determine your parenting style
• Determine your spouse’s or co-parent’s style
• Understand the most effective parenting style & become more aligned with the techniques
• Improve communication with your kids and co-parent
• Increase cooperation from your children
• Encourage your child to problem-solve and make good decisions

• Increase your child’s self-esteem while reducing peer pressure
• Reduce fights/Stop arguments
• Designed for busy parents (No sitter needed, No appointments needed)
• Lessons are compact, yet extremely thorough in content

Parenting Styles

Each one of us brings our childhood experiences into the parenting arena. We all have our own opinions, values and ideals what parenting should look like.  Surprisingly, we develop our parenting style well before we even have kids. In fact, our training begins in our own childhood. We learn how to navigate this world through our parents’ modeling, guidance, rules and expectations.

Understanding how we parent, and why we parent that way, is a necessary step toward improving your parenting role.  You’ll learn how effective your parenting style is and gain a deeper understanding of the potential stressors behind your current parenting role.  You’ll gain insight on the most effective and powerful parenting style available.

What You’ll Get:

Achieve Life Balance’s Signature Short, but power-packed Videos – 4 Videos
(We know you’re busy)
1 Supportive Worksheet for Personal Insight



Parenting Styles:


Susan Graham and Achieve Life Balance, LLC B.A. Michigan State University  - Parent and Family Educator  - Title 1 Parent Involvement Coordinator (Huron Valley Schools)  - Parent and Family Workshop Creator and Facilitator - International Relationship Coach - Currently working toward CFLE certification (Certified Family Life Educator)  - Author and Journalist