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• Understand Healthy Processing Of Emotions
• Taking Control Of Your Emotions
• Help Your Child Learn to Recognize & Manage Emotions Properly
• Help Your Child Make Good Decisions & Problem Solve
• Match Each Child’s Unique Needs/Personality With the Best Solution
• Reduce Parental Stress & Your Child’s Stress
• Designed for Busy Parents (No Sitter Needed, No Appointments Needed)
• Lessons are Compacted for Ease, Yet Extremely Thorough in Content

Children And Emotions

Is your child struggling with emotional management and self-regulation? This can be incredibly stressful on your child and the entire household. Worse, these actions often follow the child throughout the day (at home, at school, in sports and academia, and social events).

Our job to help our children learn how to become productive adults by teaching them valuable life lessons while under our wing. Recognizing emotions, managing emotions, communication, should be a daily component to your parenting. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way and these opportunities easily slip past us.  Not to mention that children learn from us, their role models. We are a stressed out society, often struggling to manage and process emotions in a healthy manner. Consider how difficult it is to remain rational when your emotions are in overdrive. Now imagine this overload from your child’s point of view.

These are formative years. How children learn to navigate emotions today and throughout youth, is how they will navigate emotions as adults.

Thus processing emotions in a healthy manner is one of the greatest life skills we can learn and teach our children.  If we struggle with emotions (letting them takeover or ignoring them altogether) are children are likely to do the same.

There are steps you can take to help your child (and yourself!) learn to navigate emotions at a healthier level, making it much easier to process these emotions, and thus remain in a healthy mental space.

What You’ll Get: 

Achieve Life Balance’s Signature:
2 Short, but power-packed Videos
Less than 30-40 minutes  (we know you’re busy!)

3 Supportive Worksheets for Personal Insight Into Steps You Can Take To the Support Healthy Processing of Emotions Optional)



Although “Take Back Control” is recommended. Or consider the Full Program “Essential Parenting Plus” for the greatest value.


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