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Essential Parenting Plus- The Ultimate Positive Parenting Workshop

Our kids learn from us.  All. The. Time. They’re watching us.  They’re constantly modeling our behavior:   the good, the bad and the indifferent. With all of the stress and adversity our children face today, in the midst of all the external messages, you remain your child’s greatest influence.

Every lesson contains insight and techniques that can help you dramatically improve yourself and your parenting. You’ll notice the difference and so will your children.  Learn more…



Includes ALL of these workshops and more! 13 Workshops in One Compact Course



Parenting On The Same Page

Raising children provides enough tension without the added weight of a parental disagreement.  The most significant relationship and the one children observe the most, is how their parents get along…continue here… 

“When spouses have styles at odds with one another the frustration can be damaging to the marriage (and children) over time.”


Co-Parenting In Separate Homes

You and your ex are no longer together, but as parents, your lives will remain intertwined. No matter how much you disagree or dislike your ex, you must find a way to make co-parenting…continue here…

“This most significant relationship, and the one children observe the most, is how their parents get along with one another.”


3-Part Series: Stress Resiliency

The number of obligations we face today is incredible. Trying to be everything, to everyone at all times is not only impossible but exhausting.  Overload leads to stress.  Stress removes our ability to problem-solve, make decisions and remain calm. Stress also makes us less patient and less effective.  You’re working harder, not smarter...continue here…


parenting teens teen struggles Parenting Teens

Increase Communication, Positive Interaction, Mutual Respect and Cooperation between you and your teen. Encourage Good Choices, Problem Solving Skills and Your Teen’s Self-Confidence while Decreasing Negative…continue here… 

“Despite the typical teen’s potential to push mom and dad away; this age group wants affection, quality time and parental guidance more than ever.” 


The Special Role of Fathers – Upon Request

Research is clear. A dad’s unique role is critical to the healthy development of our youth. Men tend to parent differently than women, providing a value compliment between the two roles.  Contact Susan with questions or to enroll. 



An Effective Alternative to Time Out

If your child struggles to sit still, compliance can be difficult. Some children are extremely sensitive to timeout isolation. Some parents….continue here…

“Support Your Child’s Ability to Regulate Emotions, Problem Solve & Make Good Decisions”

Top 12 Traits of An Effective Parent

Short, free video clip on positive, yet effective parenting traits. Positive Parenting methods, though powerful, are not difficult to implement nor do they take long to see a positive effect..view video here…

“Positive Parenting will change how you parent for life, and how your child views and manages the world from now and into adulthood.”