Personal Support As Needed
30 or 45-Minute Sessions

Weekly Personal Support Sessions
Four 45-Minutes Each Week for One Month

Additional Personalized Support for
On-Line Workshops 30-Minute Sessions 

Achieve Life Balance uses best practice tools and solutions to support 
parenting success, personal growth, navigating change and reaching goals.


Life Coaching is the process of helping clients identify and achieve positive results. Life coaching works on the premise that individuals are capable of generating the solutions that match their needs best. A well-trained coach can successfully guide clients through the thought process helping them dismiss negative ideals and patterns, while highlighting personal strengths. Coaching encourages actions, accountability and follow-through.  Although coaching utilizes research-based insight and tools to support growth and success, it is not counseling, mentoring or consulting.

1) Complete a pre-session questionnaire:
Save session time & money, and support success by completing the questionnaire before your session.

2) Begin your session with a quick review and clarification of your pre-session questionnaire.  During your session, the discussion will include:

  • Supportive questions! To make sure the session is matching your needs
  • Determining the best tools and solutions for your situation
  • Progress check: is the session moving you forward?
  • Address remaining concerns
  • Establish a plan/goals
  • Determine appropriate check-ins or follow-ups to maintain momentum

3) For additional success and affirmation, complete a post-questionnaire

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