5 Easy Steps for Enjoying Your NOW Moments

Challenge: Try keeping your thoughts static for just one minute and see how much your mind wanders. Indeed, research shows that the average person’s mind focuses on the current task at hand only 30 percent of the time—70 percent of … Continued

Navigating Change

This article is especially useful during these times of uncertainty, fear and overload. Change Is Inevitable Life doesn’t follow a straight path. By nature change is something different, something unfamiliar. Major changes (divorce, retirement, career change or an empty nest) can throw us … Continued

Traits of An Effective Parent

An Effective Parent: Provides clear and consistent rules and expectations: If you don’t know what the rules are, how are your children supposed to know? Make a set of rules, post them, follow them. Just a simple list will do. … Continued

Stressed Out Moms

Our fast-paced world is literally overwhelming us. This supercharged, everything now, everyone’s connected at all times atmosphere we live in is only partly to blame. Add the perfect “Facebook Family” ideal that no one can truly live up to; and … Continued

Support Your Children’s Online Learning

Routine and Schedules are Essential Our body works on an internal clock. Sleep, hunger, restoration, hormones….all rely on this natural pattern. Unfortunately, we have the ability to mess up that pattern-and rather quickly!  You can control this if you maintain … Continued

Positive Parenting

What is Positive Parenting? Positive Parenting is an EFFECTIVE, but affectionate parenting style.  Positive Parenting methods, though powerful, are not difficult to implement nor do they take long to see a positive effect. Positive Parenting will change how you parent … Continued