Supporting Your Child’s Online Education

Routine and Schedules are Essential Our body works on an internal clock. Sleep, hunger, restoration, hormones….all rely on this natural pattern. Unfortunately, we have the ability to mess up that pattern-and rather quickly!  You can control this if you maintain … Continued

Overload, Anxiety & Stress Reduction ~ the First Steps

Reducing stress is hardly simple, but it’s certainly worth it.  No one needs to be reminded that stress affects our physical and emotional health, relationships, parenting, and the list goes on. Worse, reading about the damages of stress is often … Continued

What If Men Cried More Often?

Poor men! Studies show women cry four times more than men (on average once a week, compared to 1.4 times a month for men–although, honestly, I think I’ve seen my husband cry 1.4 times since we’ve been married!) Damn, right! … Continued

Building Stress Resiliency

  What Does It Mean To Be Resilient to Stress? Merriam-Webster’s Definition of resilient: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. Simply put, those resilient to stress still face it; they simply aren’t overwhelmed by it. Their … Continued

Why Do Moms Always Feel So Guilty?

Four of the most common complaints I hear from moms include their high levels of stress, poor sleeping habits and insomnia, a lack of me-time, and constant feelings of guilt. Out of all of them, guilt appears to elicit the … Continued

Ten Absolute Timeout Musts

Have a young child? Chances are you’ve used timeouts. Timeouts have been considered very effective and one of the few strategies recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP).  However, timeouts only work when used properly-something most parents are failing … Continued

Navigating Change

This article is especially useful during these times of uncertainty, fear and overload. Change Is Inevitable Life doesn’t follow a straight path. By nature change is something different, something unfamiliar. Major changes (divorce, retirement, career change or an empty nest) can throw us … Continued

Traits of An Effective Parent

An Effective Parent: Provides clear and consistent rules and expectations: If you don’t know what the rules are, how are your children supposed to know? Make a set of rules, post them, follow them. Just a simple list will do. … Continued