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A Positive Parent is one of the most valuable influences a child will have. Our job to help our children learn how to become productive adults by teaching them valuable life lessons while under our wing. Recognizing emotions, managing emotions, communication, problem-solving, decision making, stress management, responsibility through daily chores are just a few of the skills your child will need. Life lessons should be a daily component to your parenting. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way and these opportunities easily slip past us.

The number of obligations we face today is incredible. Trying to be everything, to everyone at all times is not only impossible but exhausting.  Overload leads to stress.  Stress removes our ability to problem-solve, make decisions and remain calm. Stress also makes us less patient and less effective.  You’re working harder, not smarter.

Thus, the first step in finding a healthy life balance isn’t learning how to manage everything, but to break the cycle.  Reevaluate what actually needs to be done, as well as what efforts are effective and what’s adding unnecessary weight, recharge so you have the energy to tackle the tasks at hand, and revise your plan of attack.

Life doesn’t wait. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of those you love.

More significantly, when you feel confident and in control, your world becomes more focused, and thus those daily obligations, including work, family, and your household to-do list, are much easier to manage. Daily obligations (work, family, and your household to-do list) become manageable.

What You’ll Learn:

Part 1: Taking Back Control 

• Understand How Control Works
• How Control Impacts Relationships
• How Control Impacts Kids
• Learn What You Spend Your Efforts Trying to Control
• Recognize What’s Interfering With Your Goals
• Learn How to Take Back Full Control
• Help Your Children Learn to Control Themselves



Part 2: Understanding Emotions

• Understand Healthy Processing Of Emotions
• Taking Control Of Your Emotions
• Help Your Child Learn to Recognize & Manage Emotions Properly
• Help Your Child Make Good Decisions & Problem Solve
• Match Each Child’s Unique Needs/Personality With the Best Solution




Part 3: Stress Management and Reduction

• Understand & Recognize Your Stressors & Triggers
• Reduce Your Physical & Emotional Reactions to Stress
• Become More Resilient to Stress
• Reduce Your Stress & Your Family’s Stress Levels
• Personalized For Your Unique Situation
• Use These Methods to Reduce Your Children’s Stress
• Designed for Busy Adults (No Appointment Needed)
• Lessons are Compacted for Ease, Yet Extremely Thorough in Content


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