Work At Home Tips from “Experts”

  • Create a Routine & Stick to it
  • But Plan for Flexibility
  • Maintain A Designated Space
  • Take Simple Steps to Stay Organized
  • Practice Time Management (Working Smarter, not Harder)
  • Communicate Expectations (Family members, Employer)
  • Set Boundaries/Work Limits & Stick to them
  • Be Prepared using a To-Do List
  • Be Prepared to Manage Young Children/Family Needs
  • Be Prepared for Unwanted Interruptions
  • Balance Focus with Necessary Breaks
  • Find Opportunities to Exercise While Working
  • Enlist “Help” – Otherwise known as “Put Your Kids to Work”
  • Finalize your new to-do list for tomorrow

After Work:

  1. Close up Shop-literally
  2. Enlist your helpers again: “Who is in charge of what?”
  3. Make Necessary Moments (aka chores) part of Family Time (cook dinner together, clean up together, plan/prep for dinner the next day)
  4. Remember your Boundaries: If you must check email, limit to once or chunk
  5. Be willing to let little things go