Stress Management

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Reducing stress is hardly simple, but it’s certainly worth it. No one needs to be reminded that stress affects our physical and emotional health, relationships, parenting, and the list goes on.

Worse, reading about the damages of stress is often all it takes to– well, stress us out!

Now for some positive news. Just as we have learned to hone in on stress, we can learn to hone in on de-stressing, until we no longer use “fight or flight” as our initial reaction to adversity. Can you imagine approaching an overwhelming moment with mindfulness and clarity?

Changing stress levels requires effort. No easy fix here, especially if your reactions have been building for years. But you can stair-step your way to a healthier reaction. While everyone’s situations and solutions are unique, we can all start here.

Ever had a day you couldn’t wait to get through? How about a week? A month? Gasp–a year?

Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint the cause of such trials (a dreaded job, a major lifestyle change). Other times, it’s nearly impossible to recognize the source of angst, making changing your situation all the more difficult.

When life appears chaotic, taking back control seems close to impossible, especially if you’re using all your energy just to keep up. Worse, yet, is when you have little or no energy to plug into–your spirit lacks enthusiasm, passion.

And you don’t even know why. SIGH.

Now what?
Take back control, that’s what!

Yes, you can. Because even small moments of control, the smallest of goals, the smallest steps…they all move you forward.