Positive Parenting 

Setting Your Child’s Foundation For Life!



Our kids learn from us. All. The. Time. They’re watching us. They’re constantly modeling our behavior: the good, the bad and the indifferent. With all the stress and adversity our children face today, in the midst of all the external messages, you remain your child’s greatest influence.

Your daily actions and reactions have a tremendous impact on the foundation and future of these precious individuals.



What is Positive Parenting?

Research shows that parenting methods have a permanent effect on your child’s future.

Positive Parenting is an EFFECTIVE, but affectionate parenting style. Parents are in full control of the household, set healthy boundaries, consistent rules and effective consequences in a safe environment.

Positive Parenting can change how you parent for life, and how your child views and manages the world from now and into adulthood. When implemented properly, Positive Parenting creates an incredibly solid foundation for the entire family. More On Positive Parenting…     


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Traits of An Effective Parent




Instructor: Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE), Susan Graham, Achieve Life Balance

With proper training, Positive Parenting methods, though powerful, are not difficult to implement, nor do they take long to see a positive effect.

Personalized support from Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) and instructor, Susan Graham, is available before, during or after any lesson. Learn more about Susan…


What Do Others Have to Say About Support from Susan and Achieve Life Balance?


“Thank you so much. You have benefited my family more than you could ever know.”

“I appreciate all that you have done for me. I could not have found a better ‘teacher’.”

“Thank you so much Susan. You are such a blessing to us.”

“The changes that we made this week have already made a huge difference.”

“Everybody should be taught these skills. I think it would change the world! Your class has been worth every penny.”

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